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The leading start-up training institution which
cultivates creative talents with entrepreneurship

ERICA Start-up Training Center of Hanyang University (Knowledge center) aspires to become the leading start-up training institute to train creative talents with entrepreneurship,
with a view to proliferate the passionate culture of entrepreneurship within the campus, build-up the professional capabilities of the future entrepreneur in our campus based on
specialized knowledge obtained through R&D, and establish a systematic curriculum through a partnership between the University and enterprises.
Obtaining Creative Knowledge
Knowledge Factory provides the
start-up expertise that can strengthen
the innovative thinking abilities.
We are operating entrepreneurship
curricula that can stimulate the
creative passion of ERICA students and
proliferating the culture of
entrepreneurship within the campus
through lectures by entrepreneurship
experts and entrepreneurship camp
programs, as well as various start-up
training programs.
Convergence network
The accumulated inputs of knowledge
acquired through convergence network
education need to be utilized as
an output. Our Knowledge Factory will
endeavor to train talents who seek
convergence of humanities, design,
and technology and are capable of
convergent thinking. Also, in order to
allow our students to exert their
entrepreneurship skills in an effective
manner, we provide various
opportunities for them to access
government funding, external investor
matching and entrepreneurship-related
faculty and expert networks etc.
An open cooperation system
In order to create something new,
various disciplines and people need
to be connected.Knowledge Factory
will seek convergence of humanities,
design, and technology and aim to train
talents who are capable of convergent
thinking.Further, we are becoming
the venue of exchanges between
universities and departments.
Smart Infra
For each start-up, we provide customized
management in accordance with the
life-cycle of the start-up. We have also
established an off-line space and
an online platform, so that various
players may work together and share
information, making it an even smarter
working environment. Based on such
an infrastructure, we create a virtuous
circle that leads start-up training into
start-up nurturance.

Knowledge Factory

라운지 사진
The space in which students gather and exchange their ideas on new businesses
The arrangement of desks and chairs can be adjusted to accommodate various
occasions such as an entrepreneurship lecture or a networking party, etc.
미팅룸 사진
Meeting Room
The space which is used for meetings or team gatherings, etc.
The partitions between rooms are made of folding walls, so that the sizes of the
rooms can be changed correspondingly to the occasion and the number of people.
Online reservation required to use the meeting rooms.
오피스룸 사진
Office Room
Start-up circles which passed an internal evaluation process can apply for and use
independent start-up office space, so that the students may focus more on start-up
인포데스크, O/A실 사진
Info desk, O/A room
A full-time staff of Knowledge Factory is stationed to manage the facilities and
provide consultation to students.
Also, the start-up circles may use or borrow various equipment (printers, copiers,
or beam-projectors) from here.

Information for Support Programs

Knowledge Factory provides aid to the start-up circles through the LINC Project of ERICA Campus, Hanyang University, covering prototype building costs, materials costs, and
copyright registration cost, etc. In addition to the key support items listed below, we are always listening to the new demands from the start-up circles and do our best to reflect
them in our scope of supports. Apply for these support programs to turn your ideas into a profitable business.
Prototype Production Support
In order to make a brilliant idea a
reality, we provide aids to build
prototypes using external contractors(up to 6 million won)
Materials costs
We provide consumable materials
that are directly needed in making prototypes, as well as costs for buying
books, paper, or other consumable
items and office suppliers(up to 4 million won)
Secure copyrights
We provide aids for covering costs to
apply for and register your design,
trademarks, patents, or other
intellectual property rights(actual cost reimbursement)
Marketing support
We provide marketing aids for leaflets,
catalogues, or BI that are needed to
promote your products(Up to 400,000 won)
Mentor invitation
When you develop your start-up
business item, sometimes you need
a piece of advice from the experts.
In such a case, we provide aids to
pay for such mentors(up to five times, max. 100,000 won
each time)
Start-up spaces
We have office spaces, meeting rooms,
OA rooms, lounge, and other spaces
for your start-up needs(differentiated levels of support in
accordance with our internal criteria)
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