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한양대학교 공학기술연구소 로고

A laboratory established to promote engineering
and basic science for facilitating growth
of high-tech industries

Our Engineering Technology Laboratory was originally founded as ‘Production Engineering Laboratory’ which was intended
to promote engineering and basic science to facilitate the growth of high-tech industry in the West-Coast Era and renamed into
the current name in 1996. Our laboratory’s key activities include exchange programs with domestic and foreign laboratories and
providing support to the research activities of our members.

Under the leadership of the Director, the laboratory is composed of a steering committee 22 research centers, and one Office of Research Support. The key members of our
laboratory include the faculty members of engineering and science departments, and there are many other researchers with master’s or doctoral degrees working in our lab, as well.
The field of research organized around the 22 Research Centers. These, are, respectively, Architectural System, Process Engineering and Automation, Traffic Accident Analysis, Traffic
System, Mechanism System, Nano-powder Component Materials, Public Design, Logistics and SCM, Bio Engineering Technology, Production Management, Advanced Material
Technologies, Video-Information and Communication, Human Engineering, Electricity and Electronics, High-Tech Roads, Environmentally-Friendly Architecture Production System,
Computers and IT, Fiber, Chemical Processes and Precision Chemistry, Environment/Energy Technology, and Innovation/Techno-Management.

As for the nature of the research programs, the laboratory conducts application researches as well as research projects purely for developing new technologies. Our lab has been
actively participating in government programs for invigorating regional colleges and research organizations, such as ‘Gyeonggi-do Joint Industrial-Academic-Research Technology
Development Consortium Project’ and ‘Base Project for Ansan SMB R&D Support.’ Especially for project with Ansan, we successfully carried out 16 rounds of the project until 2010.
Currently with these projects, we are now conducting central supervision on research budgets. The ‘Gyeonggi-do’ program has been transferred to the ‘SMB Industrial-Academic
Cooperation Center,’ which is an add-on organization of Hanyang University, since 2003.
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